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This 360 sqauremeter luxurious pool house was built in 2008. The pool house lies in Northern Jutland in the beautiful Nr. Lyngby approximately 5 km. north of Løkken.

The pool house – situated 900 meters from the North Sea – is fully equipped for 22 persons, and has luxury and activities for all ages, so there will always be plenty to do – even when it rains.


The house is situated in Nr. Lyngby, 9480 Løkken.


Nr. Lyngby is a small peaceful village, situated in quiet and beautiful scenery between the two holiday villages Løkken and Lønstrup. This area has everything: The rough North Sea, gentle nature and tranquillity, but not far from larger holiday villages and sightseeing for the entire family.

The beautiful North Sea beach in Nr. Lyngby is surrounded by tall dunes. The 9 km long beach is a very fine sandy beach with “Blue flag”. Here you can bathe, fish, take sun bath, hike and practise beach- and water sports activities. Driving in cars is allowed one the entire beach.

Billiard room/bar

The cosy billiard room is 25 square meter and has a 8 food billiard table, armchairs, stereo with CD player and a bar with refrigerator,

There is a window from the billiard room to the swimmingpool room.

Amusement room:

If you are in to playing, the amusement room is the place to go. In this room there is table tennis, football table and armchairs / coffee tables near the big flat screen TV which is connected to a DVD player (PS2) and a PlayStation 2.

There is also a small “office corner” with a desk ad a swivel chair (there is free wireless access to the internet in the house)

From the amusement room there is direct access to the big terrace which is facing south.

Sleeping loft:

The big sleeping loft is in open connection with the living room/ kitchen and has 4 beds and a flat screen TV with DVD player.


In connection with the amusement room there is a loft for children. This loft is equipped with toys and flat screen TV with DVD player.

Swimmingpool area

The beautiful swimming pool area consists of a bathroom, a sauna and a room with the swimming pool. The swimming pool is 21 square meters and is equipped with a counter current device and a water chute.

The access to the swimming pool is convenient even for small children and elderly people via the built-in stairs. Trained staff makes sure that the water always is clean and I perfect condition.

Next to the swimming pool there is a big Jacuzzi for 6-8 persons. The water to the Jacuzzi is taken from the swimming pool which reduces the heating timer (expect 1 to 2 hours).

In the pool room there are also table and chairs, and there is direct access to the big terrace which is facing south.

Living room:

The cosy living room is in the same room as the kitchen. This architectural dashing room is the centre of the house. In the living room there are two arrangements with sofas /armchairs. A big arrangement by the wood burning stove and the big flat screen TV with DVD player, and a smaller arrangement which is suitable for reading, playing or as a cosy corner.

From the living room there is direct access to the big terrace which is facing south.


The kitchen is in the same room as the living room and has 2 dishwashers, 2 electric stoves, a microwave oven, 2 coffe machines,

a big refrigerator + an American refrigerator (with refrigerator, freezer and ice machine) and is fully equipped for 22 persons.

The big wide detached kitchen table provides lots of space for many working hands in the kitchen and has also stools so it is

possible to sit and relax while talking to the “kitchen staff”.

In the kitchen there is a stereo with CD player.

The dining table is right next to the kitchen. There are 2 chairs for small children.


This luxury house has 9 bedrooms. All bedrooms are equipped with 2 beds and minimum 1 cupboard. 6 of the bedrooms has double beds (one of the double beds can be changed in to 2 single beds). In the 3 remaining bedrooms there are 2 single beds. There are 2 baby beds in the house.


From the living room, amusement room and from the swimming pool room there are direct access to the big terrace which is facing south. Part of the terrace (approx. 20 square meter) is under roof. On the terrace there are garden furniture and grills.

Besides that there is an outdoor fish cleaning sink, 2 enclosures for dogs, basketball basket, football ground, playground with swings and sandbox and much more, a big parking lot and lot of space.


There are 4 bathrooms in the house. One is in the swimming pool area and 3 in the rest of the house. All bathrooms has shower and in one of the bathrooms there is a washing machine and a tumbler drier.



How do I book the house?

Send an e-mail as explained under the menu “contact”. After that you will receive a booking confirmation.


When is the rent due?

The rent is paid in 2 instalments. First instalment falls due 8 days after reservation. Second instalment falls due approximately 40 days before the start of the stay.


What about the key and payment for consumption of electricity and water?

The key is handed over by the caretaker of the house, who will meet you in the house. When you meet the caretaker, you will have to pay a deposit (5.000 DKK.) to the caretaker + 2.000 DKK. for cleaning (see “what about cleaning”).

The deposit is for coverage of possible damage caused by the tenant and for (maybe partial) payment of consumption.

Deposit and cleaning has to be paid cash when you arrives to the house.

When you return the key and the form for consumption of electricity and water (at departure) the consumption will be settled at once.

The price for electricity is 2,60 DKK per Kwh and 70 DKK per m3 water. The consumption is set off from the deposit.

At arrival and at departure the caretaker will go through the house with you.


Is it possible to cancel the reservation?

You can cancel the reservation until 8 weeks before arrival and have all the money back. If you cancel the reservation later than 4 weeks before arrival, you will only get a refund, if we can rent the house to some one else.


What about cleaning?

The price for cleaning is 2.000 DKK which is to be paid for and arranged with the caretaker at arrival.


Can I rent the house for a weekend?

The house is primarily let out from Saturday till Saturday. During the winter some periods are let out as weekends.


How much should I expect to pay in consumption?

The consumption is very dependent of the time of year, how many guests there are in the house and how often for instance the sauna and Jacuzzi is turned on. Expect at least a consumption cost at 2.500 to 4.000 DKK during the summer and 4.500 – 7.000 DKK during the winter. Notice the cost can vary.


Can we bring pets to the house?

Yes you can, and there are two kennels next to the house, so it is possible to leave the dog “at home” while you are exploring the area.

Notice: NO pets in the swimmingpool.

For Swedish guest: Pets should not be brought to Denmark, because the Swedish authorities will demand that pets put in quarantine when returning to Sweden.


What do we need to bring ourselves?

In the house there are 22 pillows, 22 duvets, 2 baby chairs and 2 baby beads (without pillows and duvets)


Bring sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases, towels, bathing and toilet requisites, dishcloths, tea towels, table cloths, washing-up liquid and similar things

It might be a good idea to bring ping pong balls, because these may not always be in the house. A hint: If a ping pong ball should have a dent it is not destroyed. Put it in boiling water for a moment and the ball is as good as new.


Other terms?

It is very irritating to pay a lot of money to rent a luxury summer house and then realise that something is missing or is broken. Therefore we ask you to handle the things with care, so the following tenants also can have a good holiday in the house.

Only 22 persons is allowed in the house unless it is agreed in writing with the owner of the house.


What is a normal rental period?

A normal renting period starts Saturday at 15 o’clock and ends the next Saturday at 10 o’clock


What do we do if some thing breaks while we are in the house?

If there is a power cut, you will have to check the fuses, which is situated in the entrance.

If more serious things happen contact the caretaker.

Minor things that has no importance for the condition of the house and your stay is set a side and dealt with by you and the caretaker at departure.


The tenants binds themselves to handle the house, furnitures etc. properly. The tenants must leave the tenancy in the same condition as it was at arrival and the tenants are responsible for damages to the house and or furnitures etc .made during their stay by them or by others which the tenants has given access to the house. The caretaker will make an inspection of the house, furnitures etc. at departure.


All weeks starts Saturday at 15 o’clock (arrival) and ends Saturday at 10 o’clock (departure)Consumption:

Electricity2,60 DKK per Kwh.

Heating: 2,60 DKK per Kwh.

Water:70 DKK per m3

Is to be paid at departure.

Deposit: 5.000 DKK, is to be paid at arrival.

Cleaning: 2.000 DKK.

Tourist attractions:

Even though this luxury pool house provides lots of various activities for all kinds of weather, you might want to experience more of the lovely Northern Jutland. Here you can see a selection of some of the attractions in the area close to the house.

The attractions are divided into categories and under each attraction there is a specification of the distance from this house to the attraction.

There are extremely many attractions in Northern Jutland. Therefore it is impossible to include all of them on this site, and your attention is also called to:







Løkken beach (7 km)

Is one of the best bething beaches in northern Europe. It is 10 km long and has fine sand without stones. The beach is very godd for children and has area where you can drive in your car and areas without cars. In the period from May till September there are approximately 500 privately owned bathing houses, which is called “the white city”. The beach has blue flag.


Nr. Lyngy beach (900 m)

The beach in Nr. Lyngby is surrounded with steep cliffs and sand dunes. This 9 km long beach has - like Løkken beach – fine sand. This beach has also blue flag and due to the westerly wind there are fine surfing conditions. Cars are allowed on the entire beach.


Lønstrup beach (10 km)

Sandy beach near the town of Lønstrup. Breakwaters creates calm shallow lagoons. Good conditions for fishing from the beach. Blue flag.



Rubjerg Knude (8 km)

Rubjerg Knude is a hill which is believed to be created during the last ice age. The hill is tormented by sand drift and is to day approx. 100 meter tall. There are good chances of seeing different species of zo birds of prey.


Rubjerg Knude Fyr (8 km)

Fyrvejen 110, Lønstrup

Light house which is partly covered with sand. Build in year 1900 and was closed down in 1968 due to sand drift. The struggle against sand drift has now been given up and the building will be totally covered with sand during the next years. At the same time the ocean gets 1 – 2 meters closer each year.

There is a magnificent view over the ocean and the landscape


Vendyssel plantage (7 km)

Søndergade, Løkken

The plantation of Vendsyssel is a 30.000 square meter dune-plantation. Given to the city by merchant K. M. Vendsyssel in 1921. An oasis in the town. In the plantation there are several monuments for people who has been important in the history of Løkken. In the plantation you might see pheasants, zo hares, various birds and there is a pond with goldfish


Nr.Lyngby (900 m)

Nr. Lyngby is tormented by sand drift like Mårup church in Lønstrup. Every year 3-4 of the cliff vanish in the ocean. Many summer cottages has during the years fallen into the ocean. In the cliff you can see air-raid shelters from the second world war. Nr. Lyngby is a popular destination for paragliders due to the 30-40 meter tall cliff. 



There are many chances for angling near Nr. Lyngby, whether you want to fish in Put and Take lakes, streams or from the coast. Fishing from fishing vessel is also an option.

The fish can be cleansed on the outdoor cleansing table where there is running water, and if you catch more than you can eat on one day, there are pleanty of space in the big freezer.


Notice that you have to have a fishing license to fish in Denmark if you are between 18 and 65 years. The license is not necessary if you fish in Put and Take lakes.

A license costs 30 DKK for one day, 90 DKK for one week and 125 DKK for one year (2007 prices).

License can be bought at a post office, tourist bureau or online at www.fisketegn.dk


Løkken Fishing park (10 km)

Trudslevvej 87, 9480 Løkken, tlf. (+45) 98 88 36 00 www.loekkenfiskepark.dk

The fishing park lies in a beautiful scenery. There are tables and chairs along the shore. Cleansingtable, good parking facilities, new toilet building , family lake with extra many fish. Big lake with canal system in which there daily is put out trouts from 1 to 10 kg. Catch as many as you like. Kiosk (9-17 during high season) with ice cream, beer, sodas, bait ….

Fishing poles for rental.


Gølstrup Fishing park (6 km)

Jelstrupvej, Gølstrup, 9480 Løkken, tlf. (+45) 98 92 30 17

Large very deep lakes with clean water. The 15.000 square meter land is overgrown with tall trees, which provides fine shelter for the wind. Toilet, chairs, tables, cottages by the lake. Fish are put out every day during the high season. The fish weighs from 1,5 to 12 kg. Sales of licenses at the lakes. Poles etc. can be rented on Løkkensvej 731.


Løkken mole (7 km)

Sdr. Strandvej, 9480 Løkken

It is possible to fish with pole from the mole in Løkken all year round for fish like zo plaice, codfish, zo macherel, zo garfish, eel, zo dab and flounders.


Nr. Lyngby beach (1 km)

It is possible to fish from the beach all year round. Good chances for catching codfish and sea trout.


Uggerby stream (approx. 40 km)

9850 Hirtshals

This stream is 66 km long and falls into the ”Tannisbugt” between Hirtshals and Tversted. At the suspension bridge near the outfall you can find ”Steens plads” – a fishing platform for disabled.

It is possible to catch trout, sea trout, perch, zo pike and eels. Fishing licenses can be bought at tourist bureaus situated close to the stream.


Active vacation

There are many possibilities for active vacation in Northern Jutland.

Fårup sommerland (21 km)

Pirupvejen 147, 9492 Blokhus Tlf. (+45) 98 88 16 00 www.faarupsommerland.dk

In the middle of the forest you will find Fårup Sommerland, which is one of Denmarks funny amusementparks. The park is the same size as 55 football grounds and has lots of acticities for all ages. When you have paid the admission ticket all the amusements are free.

The amusements in the park are divided into 3 categories: Family, action and Aquapark.

The park has many restaurants, and it is also possible to eat your own food.


Action House (5 km)

Industrivej 1, 9480 Løkken. Tlf. (+45) 99 67 67 10 www.actionshouse.dk

In the Action House you can play bowling, lasergame, paintball or use the amusements machines. Action House has a 400 m long track for go carts.


Family Farm Fun Park (2 km)

Lyngbyvej 86, 9480 Løkken. Tlf. (+45) 98 99 64 40 www.familiy-farm.dk

Family Farm Fun Park was founded in 1993 as a visit farm and has since developed into an adventurepark with animals, play grounds and a large lake with water cycles. A different experience for children and adults.


Karolinelund (59 km)

Karolinelundsvej, 9000 Ålborg. Tlf. (+45) 98 12 33 15 www.karolinelund.nu

Karolinelund is fun fair when it is best. Lots of activities and dining places.


Zoological garden (59 km)

Mølleparkvej 63, 9000 Ålborg. Tlf. (+45) 96 31 29 29 www.aalborg-zoo.dk

Aalborg Zoo is one of the largest zoological gardens in the province with more than 1200 animals and 138 species. A good experience for the entire family.

Zo eagle sanctuary (51 km)

Skagensvej 107, 9881 Bindslev. Tlf. (+45) 98 93 20 31 www.eagleworld.dk

See how the largest eagles in the world are feed and how they flies freely over Denmark. See the majestic eagle in the eyes and fell the whirr of wings above you and see the fast zo peregrine falcon fly. Hear about the gerfalcon hunt, a form of hunting where you are close to the nature, and see how the zo birds of prey are trained in the sanctuary.


Paragliding (1 – 8 km)

Along the 10 km long cliff in Nr. Lyngby and especially at Rubjerg Knude paragliders and kite flyers cultivate their sports. The cliff varies in height from 30 to 100 meter and with the good northwest wind conditions is provides some of the best conditions for these sports in Denmark.


Løkken Golfklub (7 km)

Vrenstedvej 226, 9480 Løkken. Tlf.: (+45) 98 99 26 57 www.loekken-golfklub.dk

This 18 holes golf course is situated in a flat scenary area, where the natural water hazards, plantations and forest provides challenges for golf players on all levels. The course is well-kept with wide fairways and beautiful greens and the west wind has great influence on some holes.

Løkken golf club can also offer Par 3 Pay & Play course, which is available for everybody. The golf course lies 2 km from the city of Løkken.

18 holes/Par 72

Men, yellow CR: 72,3 Slope: 124

Women, red CR: 72,6 Slope: 128

Architect: Kaj Andersen


Blokhus Klit Golf Center (24 km)

Hunetorpvej 115, 9492 Blokhus. Tlf.: (+45) 98 20 95 00 www.golfin.dk

Close to the North Sea this course is situated in the harsh North Sea nature. Which provides an extra dimension to your play. Our 18 holes course provides great variation in the scenary with plantation, sanddunes and open country. We are famous for the well-kept fairways and perfect greens.

We have all the facilities which is expected for a modern golfcenter. Good traninsfacilities with roofed driving range, a cosy 9 holes Pitch & putt course, 9 holes Pay and Play course, a cosy restaurant and a well-assorted proshop.

18 holes/Par 70

Men, yellow CR: 70,5 Slope: 123

Women, red CR: 70,9 Slope: 120

Architect: Frederik Dreyer


Horse back riding (14 km)

Skallerup Klit, Nordre Klitvej 21, 9800 Hjørring. Tlf. (+45) 99 24 84 00 www.skallerup.dk

Skallerup Klit ridingcenter is at the Klithusegården 1,4 km from the centerbuilding. The nature around Skallerup Klit is unique. And the experience of the diversity of the area is further intensified, when it is experienced on the back of an Islandic horse, which is strong, courageous and easy to handle. It has soft comfortable movements and especially the pace called “tølt” makes the ride a pleasure.

For small children it is possible to rent a Shetlands pony for a walk on the paths near Klithusegården. Guided trips to the beach during the summer is also a posiblility.

Whether you are a trained horseback rider or you never has been riding ad horse, you will get the necessary help from our skilled instructers and helpers. And the equipment is of course tested, so it is safe.


Akvarium/oceanarium (32 km)

Norsømuseet, Willemosevej 2, 9850 Hirtshals. Tlf. (+45) 98 94 44 44 www.nscentre.dk

The Oceanarium is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. It contains 4,5 million liter of water and provides opportunity to experience the fish in shoals as the act in nature. Besides the big aquarium there are a number of minor aquariums.

In the big outdoor tank for zo seals it is possible for the audience to get close to two species of zo seals, which are common in Danish waters. The tank for seals contains 800.000 liters of saltwater.


Art and culture


Gallery Munken (5 km)

Munkensvej 11, 9480 Løkken. Tlf. (+45) 98 88 39 01 www.gallerimunken.dk

Gallery Munken is a shut down farm with 400 m2 of exhibition rooms and a very special atmosphere. Here you will find changing exhibitions of arts like painting, sculptures, jewellery and glass. In our calendar you can also find lectures and painting courses.

Egnssamlingen – a museum at Jammerbugten (18 km)

Faarupvej 2a og 3, 9493 Saltum. Tlf. (+45) 98 88 18 75 www.egnssamlingen.dk

Egnsamlingen is a local historical archive and museum for Pandrup municipality. It has:

-          a local historical archive

-          an old village forge

-          a multihouse with working workshops, farmers kitchen and an old grocery store, hair salon, farmacy, school room and similar

-          memorial living room for the author Karl Hansen and exhibitions about the old Blokhus

-          exhibitions about previous economic life and the churches in the area

-          old farming tools and larger museum items

-          exhibitions about fishing, wrecks and lifeboat service


During the summer there are activities in the Multihouse and the old forge on Tuesday mornings.


Vennebjerg glasshouse (11 km)

Lønstrupvej 385, Vennebjerg, 9800 Hjørring Tlf.: (+45) 96 78 04 01

The glasshouse is located in Vennebjergs old grocey. It has a shop and a workshop, so costumers can see how the glassblowers work and see/buy the results of the work.


Candle foundry (25 km)

Blokhus Lys, Ilsigvej 19,9492 Blokhus. Tlf.: +45 98 20 82 02 www.blokhuslys.dk

At Blokhys Lys you can make your own candles in a big room med 12 dipping barrels. The shop is 1100 m2 and is full of candles and handicraft products. Big permanent Christmas department is open year round. During the summer season we have a large outdoor midget golf course. The most difficult course in Denmark with 18 holes – par 72 and café. It is possible to see the production af candle making.


Skulpturer (10 km)

PondCottage Art, Munkebrovej 48, 9480 Løkken. Tlf.: (+45) 98 88 91 99 www.bodildam.dk

PondCottage Art is situated between Børglum monastery and Vrendsted.

The sculptor and ceramist Bodil Dam works in this place with sculptures, which all are unique, modelled in stoneware clay and burned at 1260 degrees and after that patinated or casted in bronze. Humans are the main source of inspiration.

During the summer the small gallery has an exhibition that besides Bodil Dams own creations has paintings, watercolours and handicraft products by other artists


Bolcheriet® Løkken (6 km)

Torvet 1, 9480 Løkken. Tlf. (+45) 98 99 00 07 www.bolcheriet.dk

Old-fashioned working workshops for sweets. See this fantastic handicraft done by professional craftsmen and have a hot taste.


Børglum Monastery (7 km)

Børglum Monastery, Børglum Klostervej 255B, 9760 Vrå. Tlf. (+45) 98 99 40 11 www.boerglumkloster.dk

Børglum monastary is 900 years old and is elected as the biggest wonder in northern Jutland.

In the many buildings of the monastery there are exhibitons about the fascinating life in the monastery through history. The exhibitions are always enlarged and they gives an interesting knowledge of the history of the province and the everyday life in the monastery.